Paulo AV

Costa Rica, Canada

Dj Resident at Fnoob Techno Radio and Mission Techno CR/Producer Techno

"I was born in Costa Rica at the beginning of the 70's during a period of great musical diversity and influence.
Drawing upon my own foundations of traditional dance-oriented Central American music, then seamlessly adapting to the popular music of elsewhere ( British rock, Dub, Disco, Punk ) what emerged would be a recognized as a distinctly Costarican sound.

In 2001 this ongoing trend would serve me as the background track for my formative years, when i found the birth of a new sound in my Montreal Canada city's basement : Techno. I learned about composition, digital studio recording and desktop arrangement.

My passion for electronic music its influenced more for Techno.
It's just that very internal and personal feeling and love for the music that keep me going." - Paulo AV.

Bunk3r R3cords,
Viral Outbreak Digital,
Vimana Recordings,
Anecdote Records,
RawHard Audio Records,
Tekx Records,
Undergroud Noise Records,
Micro Digital Records,
Subwoofer Record Label,
Aztech Music,
Northbeatz Digital,
AuraMirror Records,
Alien Force Digital Label,
Audioexit Records,
Graviton Audio,
Platinium Records,
Oxytech Records,
Krank Records,
Limbo Records,
P&Z Records.