Vyacheslav Tropar

Königsberg, Russian Federation

His career began in 1999, he created the project Xatan.
As part of the Vyacheslav has produced 11 albums and tens of singles. The project worked towards the IDM, Darkvave, Experimental.

The beginning 2000 when Vyacheslav moves to Moscow became an important stage in development of creativity and meets the master of the Russian minimal scenes — Anton Kubikov (SCSI-9). Work with this musician gives a big impetus and opens the new horizons. Collaboration with unique the ethno-electronic Volga project became useful creative experience. He has played in clubs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest and many others.
In 2005 the project broke up and Vyacheslav stopped producer activity for many years...

In 2015, Vyacheslav took the pseudonym Tropar Flot and resumed work, but already in the direction of Techno, DarkTechno, HardTechno, MinimalTechno.
Nowadays Tropar does a lot of studio work. Cooperates with many producers. Remixer.
Tropar produces various styles of techno like dark techno, hard techno etc!

Support by:
- Fedde Le Grand,
- Simina Grigoriu,
- Richie Hawtin,
- Paco Osuna,
- Joseph Capriati,
- Steve Lawler (Office),
- Magistro Ray,
- Kerstin Eden,
- Simon DSA,
- Al Bradley (3am Recordings/Paper/Fabric),
- Johan (DI Radio),
- Jorge Navarro,
- Cheets (Global Dance Session / Quirk Music),
- Neil Moore,
- Pretty Criminals,
- JP Chronic,
- Markantonio,
- Nick Fiorucci,
- Mike Fossati (Spirit of House),
- Stefan Weise...